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The 1st International Conference on New Ideas in Agriculture
26-27 Jan. 2014, Isfahan, Iran
Islamic Azad University Khorasgan Branch
With the International Week of Agriculture in Isfahan

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دکتر اقبال سعید : پذیرش تمامی مقالات کنفرانس به صورت پوستر بوده ولی..

  Professor Mohammad Pessarakli:

Thousands of hectares of arable lands are annually converting to unusable abundant areas due to soil salinization, global warming with the consequence of reduced precipitation and increased evapotranspiration and water loses, resulting in accelerated desertification processes…

Recently, in the developed countries, the policy makers in agriculture and natural resources management have been encouraging cultivation of the native species that are the most effective as a permanent vegetation cover and the best protection against desertification in any particular region. Vegetation cover not only prevents desertification, but also significantly improves soil and, in turn, the environmental condition of the region…

I am so pleased to find that my colleagues, the highly competent scientists and experts, the Organizers of the NIAC-2014 have given a great deal of attention to this alarmingly vital and extremely important global issue.

 “With the name of God, we Agricultural scientist are proud to allow no politics among us, but feeding the world and preserving of this plentiful planet through Science, Technology and Innovative Ideas”
 Professor Mariam Sticklen

The title of this international conference relates to a quote from John F. Kennedy who once said: “A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death.”

This keynote speaker believes that with the powerful weapon of ‘education’, we can stand together shoulder-to-shoulder to come up with innovative ideas for changing the world of hunger and energy shortages. And indeed, she agrees with an observation made by Nelson Mandela, who once said: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. 

The speaker also strongly agrees with another hero of her who compared knowledge with ideas or imaginations. That man is Albert Einstein who once said: The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination and ideas.”

Dr. Goetz Laible: The ability to introduce precise changes at the single gene level will be first described with the help of a recent study that used RNA interference technology to prevent the production of an allergenic milk protein, beta-lactoglobulin (BLG) in cows’ milk.

Technical difficulties, socio-ethical concerns, regulatory uncertainties and political interference were the main causes for a strong decline in research activity directed towards the development of GM animals for agricultural and food applications.

So far, no food products from GM animals have been approved for the human food chain. We can no longer discount such a powerful technology and might be able to change the present situation.

This will ultimately depend on how successful the prospects of the technology can be translated into true benefits for agricultural productions systems, how strong the squeeze from global pressures will become and how these two factors can positively influence public perceptions and political attitudes    towards GM and genome editing technologies.

Confirmed Invited Speakers ( Read More )

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Workshop Title:
1- Recent Research Techniques in Agriculture
2- Successful Scientific Article Writing for the Professionals
Workshop Title:
The concept of ZFN/TALENs/CRISPRs tools in mamalian genome surgery

Selected Paper will be published in

1. International Journal of Recycling of Organic Wastes in Agriculture, Published by Springer, under finalization to be index in ISI journals

2. Farm Animal Nutrition and Physiology, ISC

3. Research on Crop Ecophysiology

4. Researches in Agricultural Science, Indexed in ISC




How to Become a Sponsor ? (شرایط اسپانسری )

Registration fees

Registration fee for participant with paper:
Registration fee for paper provides students with a valid student card:1.500.000R
Registration fee for the article from student of khorasgan University :1.000.000R
Registration fee for non-students and faculty:2.000.000R

Registration fee for the second article : (500.000)R. Each person can send only 2 articles
Registration fees of participants without paper:
Registration fee for participants, both students and non-students and faculty: 1,000,000R
Registration fee for participants Islamic Azad University branch khorasgan (Isfahan): 500,000R

Important Date

Extended Abstract submission Deadline 22 Oct. 2013 21Dec. 2013 Extended
Send for arbitration 23 Oct. 2013
Arbitration result announcement 28 Oct. 2013
Registration Deadline 11 Nov. 2013

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